mucho gusto, sevilla.


the view from the top of the ciee study center.

So I made it, in case you were wondering, and allow me to inform you that this place is amazing. I’ve only been here five days but I’m pretty sure I’m in love.

this would be where i go to school. nbd.


1. I arrived after 21 hours of torture by airline travel on September 5, greasy and exhausted but no worse for wear. We stayed in a hotel just around the corner from the CIEE center – excuse me, palace – in the medieval part of the city. The hotel building dates from the 18th century apparently, and the streets have been the same since the 1400s. There’s actually a law in place that says nobody can change how the streets run, which makes for some interesting traffic shenanigans.

trailing after mama pato (mama duck, also known as maria) through the streets of sevilla.

2. The seven of us followed our two guides Maria and Pablo through the city for a few days, learning the ropes. They’re both students in the Communication department of la Universidad de Sevilla. We ate at some seriously delicious restaurants, wolfing down beautiful tapas. Expect a recap of the best ones soon.

the stairs to my apartment. it was pretty funny to watch chuqui (as they call ricardo, don't ask me why) carry my 50 pound suitcase up three flights.

3. Two days ago, I moved into my homestay. It’s a flat in la Plaza de la Puerta Real, just steps from the river and less than ten minutes on foot from the CIEE study center. I live with Asa, who is Swedish but has lived in Sevilla for 30 years, and her son Ricardo, who’s 25 (at least, for now. He’ll be leaving for cooking school in Barcelona pretty soon.) I can’t believe how lucky I got with this place! The whole thing is just gorgeous, and Asa is a great cook (as is her son, obviously).

Today, we got our schedules for the next semester. Overall, I’m pretty stoked with mine – a little less than 4 hours of class 4 days a week, which is  better than I’ve ever done at U of O. In a couple hours I’m off to the study center again for a seminar on extracurriculars to be had (flamenco classes, cooking lessons, language exchanges…I’m foaming at the mouth already). Hasta pronto!

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