sol, noun. spanish for sun. refers to seats in the sunshine at bullfights.
sombra, noun. spanish for shadow. refers to seats in the shade at bullfights.

hey. my name’s katy. i’m a journalism and spanish major at the university of oregon, and for the 2011-2012 school year i will be studying in sevilla, spain. i’m pretty stoked. and as a journalist, i couldn’t imagine not documenting my time abroad. from september to june, you can find my take on style, eats, the city, and life in a foreign country.

my goals:

  • take the photo. really, just do it.
  • move into an apartment with a spanish student (students?) for the second semester.
  • cook one meal every week and document it for a weekly recipe post.
  • put in the effort – in terms of style, language, friendship, everything.
  • make all elective courses the second semester direct enrollment classes.
  • smile more. i smile a lot anyway, but there’s nothing wrong with a little more smiling in the world.
  • become a regular at a cafe, bar, or market stall. or maybe all three.
header image by bernard bost, edited by katy george.

2 thoughts on “about

  1. Freeflying says:

    I like the subjects you write about, so I’ve just decided to follow you reaching all the goals above. Good luck!

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